Jiří Setnička

Matfyzák – Go Developer – Linux guy

Welcome to my personal pages. I hope you will find there something useful for you. Do not hesitate to contact me when you want to discuss something (but I am not searching for a new job now, just FYI :)).
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My projects

Top trees thesis
Implementation/experimental work

Master thesis on MFF UK, implementation of two different drivers for complex Top trees data structure and comparison on difficult 2-edge connectivity problem.

Camp games
Games on ŠMF and KSP camps

Games and systems developed for some one-time games on camps related to the Matfyz.

Odevzdávací systém matematické olympiády

Submission and grading/scoring system for the Mathematical olympiad developed together with Martin Mareš.

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My activities

Corresponding seminar of programming

KSP is programming contest and spring and autumn camps. Several years I was lead organizer of the whole seminar, now I am something like 'Elder org'.

School of mathematics and physics

Summer and winter camps with lectures, workshops and adventure activities. Great community and something like my second family.

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