Jiří Setnička

Matfyzák - Go Developer - Linux guy


Top trees thesis
Implementation/experimental work

Master thesis on MFF UK, implementation of two different drivers for complex Top trees data structure and comparison on difficult 2-edge connectivity problem.

Fenix backup
Intelligent backup system

Intelligent backup system developed as bachelor thesis on MFF UK. Capable of subtree rules, pruning of history and many more. Written in C++.

Camp games
Games on ŠMF and KSP camps

Games and systems developed for some one-time games on camps related to the Matfyz.

Web task submitter
Homework system

Web system written as Perl CGI for submitting homeworks of my students on UNIX exercises at MFF UK.

Another small projects

Small project which yet not deserved their own page.


Corresponding seminar of programming

KSP is programming contest and spring and autumn camps. Several years I was lead organizer of the whole seminar, now I am something like 'Elder org'.

School of mathematics and physics

Summer and winter camps with lectures, workshops and adventure activities. Great community and something like my second family.

Teaching at MFF UK
UNIX, Algorithms and data structures

I have led several exercises at MFF UK, mostly from UNIX and Algorithms and data structures.

About me

I am Matfyzák which mean I really think about things I do. I like Linux and principles of the open-source world and I like to create things that "just works and do some magic". Currently developing in Golang, but have some skills in many others languages (C, C++, learning Rust, …).

My hobbies are travelling, hitchhiking, geocaching, cycling and many others. Also good sci-fi movie of series definitely attract my attention and I like to chat about (real or fictional) technologies.

Curriculum vitae