Matfyz camps games

During organization of KSP and ŠMF camps I implemented several one-time used games. Sometimes the system supplies the paper version of the game (with quicker, nicer and fancier version), sometimes the whole game is build up around the system.

Not all games are publishable (some games are repeated each year and we don't want to reveal some backend principles, sometimes the code is just ugly), but some of them are listed below.

Jezero – Tragedy of the Commons

Simple web based Tragedy of the Commons. Each team could connect to the web interface using mobile/tablet/notebook, choose an action for each round and the system computes the outcome after the round.

Written in Go. Used on ŠMF.

GitHub repository (smf-jezero)

SKSP2018: Bomberman

Bomberman based interactive contest for teams on autumn KSP camp 2018 I developed with Standa Lukeš.

For the base of the game we used code from We added support for websockets, computation of score, map random generating and also we patched some game logic (with some patches during the gameplay… yes, there always must be some bugs :))

Written in Go with some example clients in Python and displaying the game state as web.

GitHub repository (bomberman)

JKSP2018: Secret services "hacking"

On spring KSP camp 2017 we had final game where "hacking" of secret services happened. The game was situated around this web system, but a lot of information needed to be gathered in the real world from some NPCs.

This was quite a funny project, see for example CIA handlers :). Written in Go.

GitHub repository (jksp2018-secret-services)

SKSP2016: Volcano (Sopka)

Cooperative game for 30 players on autumn KSP camp 2016. The game presented a graph with vertices in the real world, on each of these vertices there was some question, task or puzzle and after solving it and getting the code, several others vertices could appear also with some hint for the final tak. Final task was to figure how to stop the Volcano to explode.

The game consisted of the overview display for the central with graph with several features displayed on map using LeafletJS. Teams of players outside of the central were equipped with GPSs sending their position to the central. More detail of the gameplay are described (in Czech) on the KSP page linked below.

The core of the game is written in PHP and was developed in just 3 days during the camp.

Page of the game (KSP web)   GitHub repository (sksp2016_sopka)